Lesson 1: Set up file sharing

In this lesson, you’ll learn to create a shared folder named “Locker” on your server’s second hard disk, set the protocol for Mac computers and iOS devices, and specify that you are the only user who can create, change, or delete files in the folder.

In this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up your server to share files

  • Create and share a folder

  • Restrict access to the folder

Step 1. Select File Sharing

  • Open the Server app to see the list of services available in OS X Server. Select File Sharing.

Step 2. Select a folder

Create a folder that you want to hold your shared documents.

  • To create the shared folder, click the Add button add.

    Arrow indicating add shared folder button

    Create a new folder named “Locker” on the second hard disk.

    Arrow indicating a shared folder

Step 3. Restrict access to the shared folder

  • Select the shared folder named Locker and click the Edit button. Set who can connect to it, and how.

    Access listing


    The owner (you)

    Leave it as Read & Write

    The primary group

    Change it to Read Only

    Everyone Else

    Leave it as Read Only

    Arrow indicating read and write permissions

Step 4. Configure the sharing protocols

Protocols are different sharing connection types, and the protocols you set determine what kind of device can connect to the shared folder.

  • While editing Locker, set the folder’s protocol. Then click OK when you’re done.



    Can be used by...



    iOS devices with iOS 9 or later



    Mac computers and PCs



    Mac computers

    Arrow indicating protocols

Step 5. Turn on the service

  • Click the button to turn File Sharing service on.

    File Sharing service on switch

Step 6. Test your configuration

  • On your local network, double-click the server in the Shared section in the client’s Finder sidebar.

    The server asks for a name and password before allowing you to read and write to any files.

    If you get a choice of folders to connect to and Locker is there, the setup worked.

    Enter the folder owner’s login name and password, then click Connect.

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