Next step: Differentiate by business type

Now that all the basics are taken care of, you need to plan for what services you’ll provide for your employees at your business. The nature of your business and your own internal business processes will determine which services will be the most appropriate.

The following list is for your consideration only, but it might help you decide what to use in your business.

Professional services: If your business’s main activity is providing advice or consultation for other people, consider providing File services and Calendar service. File service can help your employees collaborate on document sets and share information. Calendar service helps everyone keep track of client appointments and deadlines.

App development: If you’re a software development business, consider providing Xcode service to all the developers in the business. It’s an automated system for analyzing, testing, and building software, designed to improve software quality. It also features a built-in code repository.

Graphic design and video editing: If you’re producing digital art and film, you need a lot of shared storage space and fast access to large files. OS X Server includes Xsan administration, which powers a Storage Area Network for fast and expansive storage.

Mobile sales force: If you’re providing iPads or iPhones to employees so they can stay connected while onsite or in the field, consider using Profile Manager to remotely configure and manage the devices. It provides a way to remotely wipe sensitive data in case an employee comes back to the office but lost his device.

Project management: If you need easy, collaborative, online documents and calendars, Wiki service may be for you. You can track shared project plans and documents in real time, edit the documents easily, and track changes. Wikis can have calendars attached to them, so users can subscribe to them to get reminders of milestones and handoffs.


You’ve learned about how you can set up OS X Server to support your business and its online presence.

Where to go from here

There’s still a lot to learn about OS X Server’s services. For example, you can learn about setting up an email server, creating a shared contact account, and more.

You can find out more about these services in Server Help.