Lesson 2: Apply a profile

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a configuration profile that applies a setting to the client iPad. You’ll use the built-in user portal to install the configuration file.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create an app setting for an iOS device

  • Make it available for download

  • Install the profile on an iPad

Step 1. Open Profile Manager

  • Open the Server app to see the list of services available in OS X Server. Select Profile Manager, then turn on the service.

    Profile Manager service on switch

    Find and click the link that opens the Profile Manager web app. Log in as an administrator on the server.

    Arrow indicating link to Profile Manager web app

Step 2. Edit an existing profile

Make a profile that subscribes a device to Apple’s homepage.

  1. Select Groups.

    Profile Manager Groups inidcated
  2. Select Settings for Everyone, then click Edit.

    Arrow indicating Edit button for profile
  3. Below iOS Settings, select Web Clips, then click Configure.

    Arrow indicating Web Clips configuration button

Step 3. Edit the web clip setting

  • Enter values for the following settings, then click OK:







    Removable (iOS only)


    Web clips setting with sample values

Step 4. Save the profile

  • Click Save and confirm the changes to the profile.

    Arrow indicating Save button

Step 5. Install the profile

  • Using Safari on the iPad, navigate to the user portal. Enter the URL myserver.local/mydevices/.

    iOS screenshot My Devices portal

    Tap the Profiles tab, then tap the install button for “Profiles for Everyone.”

    Click Install to continue installing the profile. Don’t worry about any trust warnings; in this case, they’re expected.

    iOS profile install dialog

Step 6. Test your configuration

  • Go the iPad Home screen and see the web clip.