What are collaboration services?

Collaboration services in OS X Server are designed to help members of your organization share information and interact. Services that provide shared data (like a shared calendar, for example) or provide team member interaction (like a chat server) are types of collaboration services.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to set up Wiki, Calendar, and Messages services, but several other available services fit the general definition.

Before you begin

There are a few things you need to do before starting any of the lessons:

  • Add users and groups to the Accounts section of the Server app

    You can use local accounts or Open Directory accounts, but there have to be at least two users, and one group

    This tutorial uses “Alice” and “Bob” as placeholder user names, and “Marketing” as a placeholder group. Only Bob is a member of Marketing.

  • Know the host name of the Mac providing the services

    This tutorial uses “myserver.local” as the server’s host name.

  • Have a client Mac to test the server configuration.

Go to Lesson 1: Create a wiki.