Lesson 2: Share a conference room using Calendar

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up Calendar service with one shared room for all Calendar service users on the server.

Step 1. Select Calendar

  • Open the Server app to see the list of services available in OS X Server. Select Calendar.

Step 2. Add a location

  • To create a room, click the Add button add, enter the settings, then click Create. Use the following settings for this tutorial:






    Users will be able to schedule locations in the Calendar app.



    Name the room.



    You could enter a street address.



    The delegate can act on behalf of the room, and resolve conflicts if needed or clear unused reservations when the event originator can’t.


    Accept if Free, Decline if Busy

    Users can schedule the room without human approval.

    Accept Group


    Invitations from members of this group are always accepted.

    Shared calendar location with settings
    Calendar service

Step 3. Turn on the service.

  • Click the button to turn on Calendar service.

    Calendar service on switch

Step 4. Test your configuration

You can test your configuration by having one user add the location to an event. Bob creates an event at the location, then Alice (the delegate) verifies the event on the location’s calendar.

  1. On the client Mac, add Calendar accounts for Alice and for Bob. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Internet Accounts. To set up each account, do the following:

    1. Click the Add button add, click Add Other Account, click Add an OS X Server Account, then click Create.

      arrow indicating OS X Server account in Internet Accounts pane
    2. Select the server “myserver.local,” click Continue, then add the user name and password for each user.

  2. In the Calendar app, using Alice’s account information, click Delegation, then select Show.

  3. In the Calendar app, use Bob’s account to create an event at the location BigConference.

  4. Verify that Alice can see the event in her Delegates calendar.

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