Lesson 1: Create a wiki

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up an editable website on your local network.

Step 1. Select Wiki

  • Open the Server app to see the list of services available in OS X Server. Select Wiki.

Step 2. Configure the wiki settings

All users can automatically create wikis, but for this lesson, we can limit that to one group.

  1. Choose “only some users” next to Permissions to see a list of wiki creators.

  2. Click the Add button add, type the name of the group (Marketing), then turn on Wiki service.

    Add users or groups sheet

Step 3. Turn on the service

  • Click the button to turn on Wiki service.

    Service switch turned on

Step 4. Test your configuration

You can test your configuration by logging in as Bob and making a wiki (he’s a member of Marketing, remember?).

  1. On the client Mac, open Safari and go to myserver.local/wiki.

  2. Log in using Bob’s name and password.

  3. Click Wikis, then click the Add button add in the wiki menu bar.

  4. If you want further verification, you can log in as Alice and verify that the menu doesn’t contain an option to create a wiki.

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