What is Xcode service?

Xcode service is a “continuous integration system” for automating static analysis of software, unit testing, and build archiving. This service is intended for app developers and requires that Xcode be installed on the server.

Continuous integration is a software development practice that tests and builds software on an ongoing basis, and keeps working quality for each build. Periodically, or on every code commit, Xcode service builds, analyzes, tests, and archives the developer’s work.

Xcode service connects to a source control repository (Git), checks out the source code, and it integrates your project. This discrete set of automated instructions is called a “bot” in Xcode.

Developers usually interact with bots using Xcode, and there’s a web app that non-developers can use for bot management and reporting.

Before you begin

For this tutorial, you’ll need:

  • A Mac with Server installed

    In this tutorial, it’s called “myserver.local.”

  • An Xcode project you can commit to a Git repository

    The sample project name is called “Mac_Calc.”

  • A development Mac with Xcode installed

    This is most likely the Mac you already use for development.

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