Share files
Lesson 2: Use file sharing, Lesson 1: Set up file sharing, What is file sharing?.

Cache App Store content
Lesson: Speed up software distribution, What is Caching service?.

Provide centralized backup
Lesson: Create a Time Machine backup server, What is Time Machine service?.

Collaborate with your team
Lesson 3: Create a chat server to exchange Messages, Lesson 2: Share a conference room using Calendar, Lesson 1: Create a wiki, What are collaboration services?.

Automate Xcode builds
Lesson: Set up Xcode service, What is Xcode service?.

Manage devices
Lesson 2: Apply a profile, Lesson 1: Remotely manage an iPad, What is Profile Manager?.

Host a website
Lesson 2: Create a public, encrypted website, Lesson 1: Create a private, local, dynamic website, What is website service?.

Configure public access
Lesson 2: Make a service accessible over the Internet, Lesson 1: Configure VPN service, Why would you configure public access to your network?.

Secure your server
Lesson 2: Secure a service, Lesson 1: Add a signed SSL certificate, What do we mean by “secure your server?”.

Set up for small business
Next step: Differentiate by business type, Lesson 3: Set up users and devices, Lesson 2: Set up local infrastructure, Lesson 1: Get an Internet identity.